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Aug 27 2014

Looking to adopt? Let us help you!

At Poland Animal Hospital, we encourage the adoption of new pets!  We work with several rescue organizations and we see how many beautiful dogs and cats – newborn to elderly, that are in need of loving homes.  These animals may otherwise face euthanasia because there simply aren’t enough homes for them.

As a thank you for adopting, we offer a courtesy examination within 7 days for all newly adopted animals.  No coupon is necessary.  Simply call our office and inform us you have recently adopted a pet and your examination will be at no charge.  You must supply supporting documents (the records or printout from the Shelter or Rescue Organization will suffice).  These documents will verify that your pet is an adoptee, plus they provide us with essential information about your new pet’s health and vaccination status.  On your first visit, we will review the records with you and make recommendations.  Is your new pet your first? We will also be happy to educate you on routine care and other aspects of owning a new dog, cat, or pocket pet!

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